10 Happy Things

One night, Logan and Valentine found me and told me that they had made up a new game. “It’s called 10 Happy Things,” Logan said.

He faced Valentine and held up two fists. Then, in a quiet voice, she began to list off things that made her happy.

I’m happy that Llewelyn was born.
I’m happy that we have Mabel.
I’m happy that I got a new stuffed animal.
I’m happy that Papa has a good job.
I’m happy that Grandmama is with us.
I’m happy that Jesus died for our sins.
I’m happy that I got to eat ice cream.
I’m happy that I’m going to Cousin Camp.
I’m happy that Mama is so nice.
I’m happy for all the good things that happen to us.

Each time she named something happy, Logan would pull up another finger. When she had finished, she clapped her hands to his two open hands.

“Now it’s my turn,” Logan said. Valentine held up her own small fists and Logan began naming his happy things.

It created such a calm, grateful tone for the night that now we often include the game in Valentine’s bedtime routine. Anyway, just wanted to tell you about our new little game. It’s so fun to play!

(Photo by Brennan Burling)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

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