3 Things Women Do That Men Hate (by Logan)

I (Logan) recently took a poll from my guy friends and asked them to tell me 3 things they hate that females generally tend to do. I told them to think of it as being able to give hard advice without dealing with the fallout.

I tried to poll guys from all different walks of life: single, young, older, married, newlywed, etc. I also tried to pick guys that I knew had a very high, healthy, opinion of the opposite sex.

Some of their answers were suprisingly similar. Some were very specific. Some were funny, and others serious. All their answers are anonymous, so you’ll never know who said what.

I’ve tried to take their answers and categorize them under headings. Don’t be offended. If it’s not something you do, then let it go. If it is, then just listen. This isn’t about who is right and wrong, or which gender is better, it’s about how men feel; and isn’t that what you’re always trying to get us to talk about? Our feelings?

And don’t worry, I also asked them about things that they love about women, which we’ll get to next week.

(Note: In the quotes, I’ve edited some of the answers to make them more readable, but not change their content)

1. The Suffering Attention Seeker

I hate when they give themselves no credit, and run down their image in front of you.

I would like to tell them how much I like them, or how beautiful I think they are without being prompted to do so.

I feel like girls want their feelings to be hurt sometimes. Like it validates them or something.

This one was pretty shocking. Almost every guy mentioned something about girls either talking bad about themselves, or seemingly wanting to be victimized somehow, or seeking attention negatively.

I have no idea why this is true. Maybe it’s because our culture has been so heavily influenced by the “damsel in distress” narrative (thanks a lot, princess fairytales and Twilight). Maybe it’s a failure of fatherhood. Who knows? All we guys know is that we hate it.

2. Alien Girl Social Dynamics

The whole girls going to the bathroom together thing is weird. Girl bathroom stuff in general too…

When there are a bunch of girls together all giggling and laughing. Man, thats annoying.

I don’t like when they dress for other girls.

I don’t like when women wear ridiculous outfits because it’s “in style.”

Sometimes they act dumb to conform to some weird social standard.

Okay ladies, the fact is, we just don’t get it. When there are more than 2 of you together the whole social dynamic changes, and it’s like we’re on another planet. The rules change, and we don’t know what they are.

You act different, talk different, and even dress different. What gives?

3. Landmines, Hidden Traps, and Mixed Signals

They communicate without using words a lot (or try to).

I can’t tell when a girl might blow up on me when I do something wrong.

I hate when they have expectations without communicating them.

When they get upset for something you should’ve known to do or not to do when they never even said it.

What they say: “Don’t treat me any differently than you would a man.” What they do: “Look at me, I’m sexy.”

Sometimes being a guy feels like trying to make your way across a field filled with bear-traps, landmines, and giant flesh-eating sand worms.

We have no idea what you want. So tell us. We don’t want to hurt your feelings or offend you; just tell us what your expectations are!


Here are some other choice answers to the poll. Enjoy! (or not)

I hate it when they backseat drive when they have no idea where you are.

It feels like they rely on guys to get their own feeling of safety, security, and self-satisfaction. Things we can never give. So we end up feeling like failures.

Countless pitstops on roadtrips.

I don’t like tea or scones. Only women keep those things alive.

Hanging out means some super formal event where everything has to be planned out.

ANSWER YOUR PHONE. Yes, it receives calls too.

When they have a weak community of other girl friends.

Liking vampire movies.

They need to take their keys with them. ALWAYS.

Let me be clear: we don’t hate girls. We love them. In fact, our love for the women in our lives is why we’ve taken the time to answer these questions at all. And next week there’ll be a post about the things we love about women. And it will be awesome.

~Love, Logan

So there you have it. But what do you think? Are we seeing things clearly? Are we totally insane? Were you suprised by any of these answers? Can you help us?!

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 13th, 2013

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