3 Ways to not be annoying (and not die) while driving

When Aanna asked me (Logan) to guest write for her blog while she is on her break from “techmologies” (she spelled it that way on purpose; it’s a joke), I had no idea what to write on a blog with a target audience of females. So Aanna made some suggestions, one of which was some driving tips that I’ve found helpful enough to pass along to her, that she has also found helpful. 

These will keep you from being annoying, and possibly keep you from dying. Both good things to shoot for.

1. Go With the Flow

A foundational principle of driving safety is surprisingly simple:

All car-to-car accidents are caused by interruptions in the flow of traffic.

The resulting conclusion is obvious: don’t be an interruption (because interruptions die).

This can mean a variety of things, but one of the easiest applications is to always go the “prevailing speed of traffic.” Whatever the general speed and flow of traffic is, you try to flow in and out of that while causing as few ripples as possible. Don’t go faster (which is difficult on Joplin’s Rangeline Road, where everyone drives 10 under), and don’t go too slow (which could mean going over the speed limit, if that’s the prevailing flow).

Don’t use the law to force your way on everyone else. It’s more important to not interrupt the flow (and not die) than it is to follow the minutiae of the law (and die). Go with the flow. Obey the laws as much as you can to that end, but never in opposition to that end (because you might die).

2. Turning without the burning

Don’t slow down before entering the turning lane. It makes anyone behind you slow down for you to turn (and maybe die). Enter the turning lane and then slow down (and not die). This utilizes the turning lane to prevent you from being an interruption in the flow of traffic (and dying). It’s easy. Just enter the turning lane early enough to give yourself a little more runway for slowing down to turn (and not die).

3. Emergency brake…EMERGENCY! BRAKE!

“E-brakes” or “emergency brakes” are only good for two things:

  1. Rad action-hero tire-screeching 360 spin turns while shooting bazookas out the window at bad guys.
  2. Parking on inclines.

While the first of these certainly seems like an emergency, it’s outside the realm of most of our experience (unfortunately). The second use is about all we ever use our “e-brakes” for, but it’s definitely not an emergency.

What is an emergency is if your normal brakes stop working (and you might die). In which case you can use your emergency brake to slow down your car (and not die). That’s why it’s called “emergency brake” in the first place. Though I think “don’t die brake” might be a better name.

~Love, Logan

P.S. What are some other simple driving tips that you’ve heard that keep you from being annoying and dying?

(Above image by Instagram user directortv)

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, September 5th, 2013

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