4 Things Men Love About Women (by Logan)

In this followup to the post “3 Things Women Do That Men Hate,” I (Logan) will do the same thing, but with answers to the opposite question: What are things that you love about women?

If you’re curious about my polling method, please read the afformentioned post. And as in that post, I’ll attempt to categorize the answers of the polled men into overarching categories.

One thing I noticed in this round is that the answers tended to be more personal, based on an important experience or event in their lives. Also, the answers were more varied, so I’ve expanded to 4 headings, instead of 3. Which seems appropriate, since this entire project is about how men care about the women in their lives.

(Note: In the quotes, I’ve edited some of the answers to make them more readable, but not change their content)

1. Care, Compassion, Restoration

Women have incredible power to gently restore, rehabilitate, and encourage the men in their lives.

They have amazing amounts of compassion.

They can show compassion so much better than men do.

God’s forgiveness and grace has never been more real than when modeled to me by my wife.

Women can speak God’s grace, peace, encouragement, restoration, compassion, and love into our hearts unlike anyone or anything else. It’s so important. We need it. We love you for it.

2. Life Is Beautiful

I love when they dress up and look nice.

I like that women smell good and are nice to look at.

They’re always trying to make life more beautiful… and smell like things like autumn pomegranate and orange blossom.

They see beauty and excitement in little moments that guys don’t always see.

I love how much women love all things beautiful.

Here’s the deal ladies: a man’s world usually isn’t very pretty. But you can bring so much beauty into it. This isn’t about sex, sexual attraction, objectification, or even necessarily your physical appearance at all. It’s about simply beauty in its many forms (things like music, art, fashion, good works, candles, decorations, etc.), how women love it, and how they embody so much of it to us. You’re really good at it. And we love it. We’re just lame at communicating it, so we say things like “Me man. You pretty.”

3. Strong Relationships

I like that women lose their minds in loyalty to their men and children.

They have a more complex and realistic approach to relationships.

I like that they can hang out with their friends without needing an activity.

Women are more sensitive to relationships.

They have a strong desire to be romanced.

Basically, girls are just better than boys at relationships. We admire how you care for us, your friends, and your families. You help us not say or do dumb stuff that would hurt our relationships, and you remind us what’s actually important in our relationships. You’re the best!

4. Spiritually Sensitive

Women are aware of God in great ways.

I love how spiritual and in the Word women can be.

It’s great that a woman’s relationship with God is rarely ever about pragmatism, productivity, or practicality. It’s about loving and obeying the creator.

They’re hot… spiritually.

This one is similar to the relationships one, but I wanted to separate it because it was so obvious that men admire women who have a good relationship with God. It’s usually different than ours, but we think that’s awesome. And it helps us have a better relationship with God.


They’re able to keep a million things in their minds at once!

They’re incredible at doing mom things. Absolutely amazingly unbelievably awesome.

They seem a lot more mature than guys usually.

I honestly appreciate girls’ ability to cry in a situation that clearly calls for crying.

They have long flowing hair that’s about the best thing in the world.

They tend to “complete” or make up for many of the shortcomings and faults of dudes.

They still laugh at our jokes.


Love, Logan

If you’re a female, how does this list make you feel? Have you asked your the men in your life if any of these things or the things in the previous article are true for them? If you’re a guy, what are your favorite things about women?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 20th, 2013

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