5 Fun Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform, and I not only love keeping up with my friends and family but also following artists and people who inspire or entertain me. Here are a couple accounts I’m loving these days ::

Billy Jack Brawner III

This man is the associate art director of Magnolia Journal, but more importantly, he is the husband of Sara and the father of five adorable kids. Their story is moving and inspiring, his IG stories are hilarious and interesting, his photos are beautiful and his writing is full of wisdom and wit.

Louis Frey

This artist creates minimalist portraits in the most delicious shades of pastel and matches them to a song. Mmm… (P.S. The portrait above is of my sister, Emma. :)

Accidentally Wes Anderson

You don’t have to be a Wes Anderson fan to appreciate these photos of Andersonesque places around the world. Whenever I see one I catch myself thinking, “Is this real life?”

Courtney Adamo

I’ve mentioned Courtney’s account before, but she remains one of my top sources of inspiration and my total girl crush. Her style, her family, her lifestyle and her photos are all perfectly lovely. Also—and I don’t know quite how to articulate this—but she does all this without provoking envious or critical feelings in my heart (which can sometimes be a problem for me on social media).


This company sells letter boards, which isn’t terribly exciting except that they are constantly posting the most hilarious things on their boards. This account makes me laugh all the time, especially in a “you, too?” kind of way.

Now I’d love to know: what are your favorite Instagram accounts?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 8th, 2017

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