5 Things That Women Love About Men

This is the final installment in a series about the things that women and men love and hate about each other. You can read the 3 Things That Women Do That Men Hate (by Logan), 4 Things That Men Love About Women (by Logan), and 3 Things That Men Do That Women Hate (by me). In order to put together these posts, Logan and I polled friends from a variety of ages and life situations who we knew had a good opinion of the opposite sex. We hope that these posts help us understand each other a little better, creating more unity and grace in our relationships with each other. 

I’d also like to add that some of the answers I received surprised me. Some of the things that other women love and hate about men didn’t even occur to me. (However, I’m only including answers that were agreed upon by the majority of women I polled.) All that to say, if you’re a woman, you may not agree with some of the things here. That’s just part of the wonderful variety that God created within genders. But if you don’t agree with these answers, or if you have something you love about men that no one mentioned, please leave a comment so we can hear your perspective!

I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to answer our questions. We really appreciate your candor and vulnerability.

And now, five things women love about men ::


Love how safe he can make me feel. I  may act independent and self-sufficient, but when I need a hug or a spider killed, he can do that.
They are generally strong and stable, both emotionally and physically.
I love how they protect.
They smell nice, look good, they’re tall, and they give good hugs in their big arms.
I love the way that men have that instinctively protective side about them. I love that when I know that a guy really cares, he would do almost anything for me.
I love that men are physically stronger and taller. That’s always nice!
Men always want to be the protector. My husband will walk on the sidewalk next to the road or hold me close when I’m having a nightmare. I love that!
I love it when a man holds a door open for a woman, regardless of who she is in relation to him.
There’s a roughness and toughness to dudes. It’s intriguing and there’s some sort of security in it.
I love their strong arms.

Just as it seems to be instinctive for men to want to protect, I think that women kind of instinctively love it. Whether it’s when you stand between us and a busy street, or when a father stands between his daughter and a lame suitor, or when you wrap your arms around us when we sleep, it strikes a chord in our very souls. It drives us crazy…in a good way. :)


Love how sweet my husband is with my daughter. I’m jealous of her sometimes- I wish my dad had been like that with me.
I love their playfulness, humor, and gentleness with children.
I love guys with kids. A guy hanging out with a kid or holding a baby seems to reveal the emotional or playful side of even the most stoic men.
I love that even though men can be strong, practical, and can exert some serious mind-over-matter, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel things deeply. I see this most clearly in fathers and in men who are in love. It’s a sight to behold.

No one can argue that mothers are important since they do things like carry the baby, feed the baby with her body, and are naturally brilliant at nurturing, but fathers are just as vital. We love and admire a man engaged and committed to his role (or future role) as a father.


I love how they fix things.
I love how they’re practical.
They have an awareness of how things work and how to fix them.
They want to see things come to fruition. I love seeing how hard men work to get a result.
They can separate emotion from their actions. I appreciate that. (Just not when I need to cry about something on a shoulder.)
They can think really clearly and logically. I love talking to them about my own thoughts and beliefs and feelings, because it helps me refine those things.

I know, I know. We just told you that we hate it when you try to fix things. But that’s not actually true. We only hate it in the very specific context of when we’re needing comfort or a listening ear. Every other time we love and are intrigued by your knack for fixing things. 


I love how they are always up for an adventure or story. Even if it is video games and sports. They want to experience things.
Men don’t take themselves too seriously and can be real, goofy, funny, and excited.
I love a man in love. He just puts himself out there, so adventurous and brave. Even though it must take a lot of vulnerability, it’s incredibly inspiring and attractive.
I love that men, whether it be video games, board games, or sports, generally love a good game! That’s fun!
They can make me laugh and laugh at themselves. They’re not too serious.

Women can act really serious and mature, but we love the way you can make us let down our hair and have a good time. You are so much fun to be around. Your drive to have fun is contagious and magnetic.


I love strong leadership in men who also have tender hearts and teachable spirits.
Love that God uses them to preach His Word and lead His church.
The way men have the ability to lead in their lives— their families, churches, other people.
I love their desire to be godly leaders.
They can make a decision.

I know that there are a lot of people and books and systems of thought out there questioning your ability to lead, accusing you of arrogance if you presume to be a candidate for leadership in your family, church, and in the world. It really doesn’t matter what I think, or what the women polled for this blog post think. The question of where, how, and why to lead are between you and God. But I and these women will be standing behind you with big smiles on our faces every time you figure that out.


Men are super sexy.
They’re providers.
It’s awesome to see a man who is passionate about something—whatever that may be. They pay great attention to this thing that they care deeply about, learn everything about it.
Men seem to value only what important (to them) people think (i.e. they care what their small group guys or a mentor thinks about them, not the judgmental passerby thinks or what their rude coworker thinks).
I love how guys don’t dance around the truth. Most guys are able to be pretty up front. 
They can open jars that are tightly sealed. It’s the best.
Clean man smell. It’s just good.

Ok, so what do you think? Did any of these answers surprise you? Confuse you? Pique your interest? Tell me your thoughts! Women, do you have anything to add to this list? Men, I know this isn’t your favorite, but…how do these things make you feel? :)

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Posted by Aanna on Monday, October 21st, 2013

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