5 Ways to Get Better at Yoga

So, I basically didn’t exercise for the months of November or December. It wasn’t even that I didn’t want to—we just were booked solid every evening! I’m happy about the slower pace of January and the ability to add some movement back into my routine. While I’ve been in the habit of hitting the gym, lately I find myself just wanting to do yoga all the time. It’s so gentle, so rejuvenating, and still leaves me feeling stronger and leaner afterward. Here are some of my favorite yoga resources ::


Last year I started attending a yoga class with a group of friends. It’s amazing how the guidance and correction of a professional can do wonders for your yoga practice! Even though I’ve been doing yoga for years, I still learned something new every class and felt absolutely amazing afterward. My friends and I joked about how it feels so good that there’s always a moment in each class that someone just starts weeping. Haha! (Even though this is the costliest option, it’s always been worth it for me!)

YouTube Channel

There are lots of different YouTube channels featuring yoga sequences, classes, or advice. My favorite is Sarah Beth Yoga for its simplicity and ease of use. She classifies all her videos so that you can find sequences that are long or short, difficult or beginner, relaxing or strenuous. This is my go-to option for when I want a quick workout in the living room before Valentine wakes up in the morning.


I was skeptical at first, but I’ve actually come to rely on books for my yoga practice, especially when there’s a particular pose I want to learn or if there’s a kind of yoga I want to become more familiar with. Most libraries have a section full of yoga books and it’s fun to work through the information and sequences in them. They often feature other good health tips, too, like a detox masks for your skin or a homemade tea for digestive health.


This is the one resource that I haven’t actually tried, but I’m putting it on here because of the rave reviews of my friends. For a small, one-time fee, you have lots of videos and tutorials available to you and you can play them on any of your devices. This is the next resource I want to try out myself, just to give myself more variety.


It was helpful for me to watch Enlighten Up!, both for it’s fascinating look at the various branches of yoga and it’s overview of the history of it. When you get deep into yoga, there’s a lot of spiritual vocabulary and ritual, and it was good insight into making a distinction between the yoga that is worship and the yoga that is exercise (basically everything in America).

What about you? Do you like yoga? How do you practice? What has been the most fun way to learn more? If you don’t do yoga, what’s your favorite way to move? One of my friends is about to get certified as a BarreAmped instructor and I can’t wait to take her class!

(Top photo found here. Yoga class yoga via Goop.)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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