8 Things About Aanna

Remember those old chain letters/emails/Facebook notes that used to go around, asking you to write 25 things things about yourself and then to pass it on? They’re so deliciously self-absorbed, no one can help but join in. :) Well, Eden (the most naturally beautiful person I know and the author of Apple Red Happiness) has tagged me in the latest expression of the old chain letter and I’m happy to have the excuse to talk about myself a little more than normal. Feel free to read or ignore as you see fit.

8 Things About Aanna

  1. In high school, I had a secret, totally irrational crush on the 19th century poet Lord Byron.
  2. I’ve had the privilege of several noteworthy eating experiences. Here’s my favorite :: For my graduation present, my parents sent me with my dad on a business trip to Korea. One night, his prospective customer (the country’s largest soy milk manufacturer) took us to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It was no ordinary restaurant, however, but consisted of a series of rooms with bamboo walls. The host led our party into one of the rooms and we all circled around a table situated on the floor. We knelt next to the table, on which was an ice sculpture the size of a small horse, and on every curve and corner of the sculpture was a carefully placed piece of sashimi. In the next moment, the door to the room opened and in walked several beautiful young women clad in the shortest kimonos I had ever seen. But at one sight of me, the ladies immediately left the room. Several moments passed and then suddenly, a man entered, wearing all white and a white chef’s hat. He knelt next to me, picked up the Sea Urchin Roe appetizer in front of me, and held the spoon up to my mouth. With a gasp, I realized that he was there to feed me, that I literally was not supposed to lift a finger. Once he had begun to feed me, the girls came back into the room and started feeding their men. I blushed my way through a couple more bites before finally caving. Unable to stand it another second, I told the chef to please, please go away.
  3. I’m terrible with money. The week before I got married, I overdrew on my checking account three times. I also can’t save money to save my life. We would be destitute without Logan.
  4. Right now, my parents and two youngest sisters are in Afghanistan, my sister and her family are in South Sudan, and my brother-in-law just got back from helping Syrian refugees in Jordan. Each of my family members are in these countries to help people because of the hope of the Gospel, but they’re also aware of the safety concerns and they have great contacts with local and US military and government officials. I’m glad they’re doing what they’re doing, but if you want to know something about me, just know that I’m often thinking about my family in these places. It effects my thoughts, my prayers, my own beliefs and convictions. It’s a part of who I am.
  5. Growing up, I took piano lessons and competed at the state level. Although I hardly ever play piano anymore, I’m glad that I learned what it takes to get good at something. Hours and hours, week after week, year after year.
  6. I’ve done so many stupid, embarrassing things in my life, but this is the low point in the life of Aanna Lang Greer.
  7. I’m clumsy. Really clumsy. Like Larry of Three Stooges fame clumsy. I have scars on my body from tripping over a pile of clothes and landing on a metal trash can, dropping a toaster, and unsuccessfully jumping a guardrail during a morning jog to name a few. I actually have a fear that I’ll injure my daughter because of my clumsiness. It’s serious, guys.
  8. I’m a huge nerd. I dressed up as Legolas at the Two Towers premiere. I once wrote a fan letter to Nickel Creek, I watch TED Talks while eating my lunch, I used a name from Ender’s Game to name my daughter. and I watch things like Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and Firefly.

There are you. Now I want to hear from Maria, Erin, and Ellie. Like old times, girls. :)

(Photo by Maria)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, December 20th, 2013

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