A Family of Four!

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I haven’t been writing here on the blog because I had my baby!!! Llewelyn Greer came at 4:03 in the afternoon on July 13 after a quick, crazy labor. She weighed 7 pounds, was 18.75 inches long, and is wonderfully beautiful and healthy. Everything seemed to just fall into place—she nursed well from the beginning, my recovery has been painless and smooth, Logan is a pro at swaddling and getting her to sleep, and Valentine has been the sweetest and most helpful big sister. I can’t wait to share more about her birth and the days since then, but I just wanted to peek my head in here at the blog and let you know that all is well!

Because I wanted to soak up all the glorious newbornness of those first few weeks, I didn’t do any work on the book and have now pushed the launch date back until September in order to have time to enjoy Llewelyn, rest up and also have space to do a good job on all the final details of the book. Check back on Friday for some fun links and then I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging next week. :)

Much love, friends.


Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

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