A fascinating etiquette tip

In a conversation with Logan’s grandmother, she gave me the most brilliant yet counter-intuitive etiquette tip. She said that when you receive a gift from someone and want to thank them with a gift or gesture, always make sure it’s a small thing. She explained by saying, “You never want to make it seem like you’re trying to repay them for what they’ve done. You’re trying to express your gratitude, not get even.”

Isn’t that lovely? To be honest, when I’m the recipient of a generous gift, sometimes I do feel like I want to repay the person. But to honor the gift and the person, it’s much more fitting to just accept it with joy and gratitude.

What do you think? Have you heard this etiquette tip before? Is it something you’ve thought about? What are some other etiquette tips that you find helpful or insightful?

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Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

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