A Tip For Finding Great Art

One time I noticed that when a person hires a designer to makeover a room or a home, the designer often incorporates very personal artwork to the room. This struck me as odd. You would think that if you were designing your own room, you’d tend to include pieces of art with a special significance or sentimentality. But sometimes instead we hang art that we think we “should” like, or things that are trendy at the moment. However, good designers know that one of the best things you can do to your home is surround yourself with things that make you happy or tell your story.

Not everyone has this problem. I have a sister who surrounds herself with photos and images and quotes of special significance. But I often don’t think about personalizing the art in our home and decided to do a little experiment. I wrote a list of things that I like (coffee, old movies, San Francisco) and things that Logan likes (coffee, Steve Jobs, outter space) and then tried to find art in these categories. Instantly, I started to envision a home that not only would be cheerful and full of things to make us laugh, but also would remind us of what we think is important and why we do the things we do. Here are a couple examples ::

This gorgeous photo of the birth of a star is not only beautiful, but I know my curious, science-loving husband would find it inspiring.

This is a photo my sister Emma took of the highway that runs in front of the home I grew up in. So many memories flood my mind when I see this image and it reminds me of the happiness and peace of my childhood. I also love the pale pinkness of that morning fog.

This made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. It’s so true! Logan likes to retort, “I’m not addicted to coffee. I just need it to be happy.”

We used to tell youth group kids who came to our home, “There are only two rules: you can’t be mean and you have to have fun.” Logan and I have often remarked that we want people to feel safe when they enter our home, whatever that means. I love the sentiment expressed on this wall hanging and would like to recreate it in some way. (via Decor8)

We are both pretty big nerds, so this rad Star Wars print is right up our alley. Also, it’s just kind of funny. :)

This is my favorite verse in the Bible, and the people at Hand Lettering Co have rendered it so beautifully. What a great way to keep in mind the wonderful character of our God.

Anyways, this idea may be obvious to everyone else, but it helped me to find artwork that meant something to us and would remind us of who we are. I’d love to save up for a couple of these pieces and also frame loads of our favorite photos.

What about you? How do you personalize your home? What kinds of things make you happy? What’s your favorite piece of art and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

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