A Great Way to Rethink Your Clothes

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to get very tired of my wardrobe. Most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore (I was too big even for maternity clothes!) and I was tired of wearing the same handful of things over and over. Tempted to go buy a couple more items to get me through the end of my pregnancy, I stumbled across Caroline Rector’s 10x10 Challenge. Her challenge was simple: to wear only 10 items of clothing for 10 days. There were a few rules (ie. doesn’t include underwear but must include shoes) but the basic idea was to experiment with clothes you already have in your closet. The experiment can have various motivations—maybe you want to get more creative with your outfits, maybe you need to learn contentment, maybe you want to experiment with a capsule wardrobe, etc.—but the method is the same.

When I saw the challenge, I immediately knew it would be a good idea for me. It would both encourage me to make due with what I had and also give me a fun little project for the remainder of my pregnancy (turns out I had Llewelyn only five days into the challenge!). I picked out ten items (mostly dresses) and set off into the challenge. It ended up accomplishing everything I’d hoped, with the added benefit of much more peace of mind when dressing at the start of each day. You have less decisions to make and the constraints actually give you more freedom to just get dressed and enjoy your day.

Also, now that I’ve made due with only ten items, I’m certain I can subsist on a capsule wardrobe! I highly recommend taking a look at Caroline’s challenge, as well as her outfit posts and her 10x10 Recap.

Posted by Aanna on Friday, August 25th, 2017

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