A Lovely Poem

I heard a beautiful sermon at church a few months ago. Mark Christian was preaching on John 13, when Jesus washes his disciples feet, and pointed out that “you’ll never see a clearer picture of the Gospel than Jesus’ dirty feet and Judas’ clean feet”. It was a profound observation, one that has echoed in my heart ever since.

I came across a poem on Douglas Wilson’s blog that also points to the Gospel in John 13 and he kindly gave me permission to share it with you here :: 

High and Lowly

Not to worship, but to serve,
Not to worship, but to save,
Christ wrapped a towel around His waist,
And as He knelt He gave
A glorious affront
To pious expectation here.

Peter faltered at the grace,
Peter faltered in dismay,
Christ knelt to wash the grime and dirt
As Peter tried to say
His stammering rejection of
This high and lowly gift.

Place your hands upon His head,
Place your sins upon His head,
And think of what the ancients wrote
Which you, while trembling, read.
Majestic, royal, dignity
Was figured in a goat.

Isn’t it a lovely poem? It made my heart swell with love for a God who would do the great deed of dying on the cross and also the small deed of washing his friend/enemy’s dusty feet. What was your reaction? Do you have any stories of when you understood the Gospel a little better? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. If the last stanza of the poem didn’t make much sense, this may help.

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, October 31st, 2013

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