A Month of Exercise

Well, we did it. We completed May Summer Shape Up. It was humbling for me to see y’all’s hard work this past month. I also feel so grateful to Abby for devoting so much of her time, energy and gifts to help us lead healthier lives. Abby, we are indebted to you.

May Summer Shape Up was a roller coaster for me. It began with fear and trepidation, escalated to exultation when I properly executed a chatarunga with a kick, plateaued for a few weeks of steady consistency, then ended in midnight endeavors to finish strong during an insane week of travel, family, and parties.

It’s hard to even articulate what I learned, how I’ve grown stronger, the disappointments of perceived failure, and what it mean to be surrounded by such an encouraging and fun support system.

One friend told me that May Summer Shape Up was good for her, but that the main thing that she’s taking away from this experience is that high-impact exercise is hard and painful for her. But instead of getting discouraged about this, she bought a Ballet Beautiful DVD and talked to her husband about getting a membership at the Y in order to swim regularly.

I love her attitude. No matter what May Summer Shape Up meant to you, I’m sure you learned something about yourself and your relationship with exercise.

I learned that my body responds well to the mix of interval-type cardio and strength training. I loved the flexibility of Abby’s nearly gear-free workouts and felt like it fit easily into my current lifestyle. I’m stoked to continue working out with Abby for a June Shape Up (coming soon!).

Another friend learned that she’s extremely socially motivated (she loved our Facebook page), so she’ll keep checking in online, plus make sure she gets to the gym at the same time as her friends. She also said she learned what it actually takes to exercise and found herself looking forward to working out each day, something that’s never happened before.

I hope that you have a better idea about how you’d like to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle in a consistent and challenging way. Whether you choose to join Abby’s June Shape Up or not, I hope we all keep checking in, encouraging each other, trouble shooting and laughing together (wasn’t Erin’s Prancercise post hilarious???). Our online community was a surprisingly helpful motivator, don’t you think?

I’d love to hear your own thoughts about May Summer Shape Up. Post on our Facebook page, send me a message, or shoot me an email at aannagreer(dot)gmail(dot)com. What was this month like for you? What was difficult? What did you love? What have you learned about exercise or yourself that will help you in the future?

Finally, I’d just like to lift my glass to all of our hard work. Well done, ladies.

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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