A Tip for Indoor Plants

For years I’ve been tormented by the pairing of my love for indoor plants and my total and complete black thumb. Once, I told Logan that a particular plant had become an indicator of my personal state of being. If its leaves were vibrant green and firm, I was doing ok. If they were yellowish and wilting, I was failing as a human. Knowing how to care for plants has just never come naturally to me. 

However, one day it dawned on me how I should be caring for them :: I should treat my plants the way I treat a pet. I check in on Mabel several times a day, to make sure she has enough water, to make sure she’s not eating too much food, to let her outside, to take her on a walk. But with my plants, sometimes I’d go a week or two without bothering to check in on them. This is painfully obvious, but it had never occurred to me that plants are living things that need continual care. Now I check in on my plants much more often and at the moment, I have more thriving indoor plants than ever before.

What about you? What are some tips for caring for indoor plants? Any species that you’ve found to be particularly hardy or pretty? I need help! (A Beautiful Mess recently posted a great article on caring for indoor plants.)

(Image via OldBrandNew)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, January 23rd, 2015

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