A Way To Fight Busyness

Recently I read a great post by J.D. Greear on winning the battle against busyness. Most of us feel the constant weight of overloaded calendars and endless to-do lists, but it’s hard to know when and how to cut things from our lives. I went through a season several years ago when I got precipitously close to burn-out and realized that the only two conditions I was using to say yes to something was if I wanted to do it and I was able to do it! I needed a better system for maintaining balance and I love one of Greear’s tips for this ::

Observe the sabbaths. The plural isn’t a typo; yes, I meant sabbaths. There are a number of sabbaths that God has given us: the weekly sabbath (a day of rest and worship), the tithe, and sleep. Most of us know about the first one, but we rarely think of tithing or sleeping as sabbath-keeping. The principle of the sabbath given to Israel was to intentionally cease from labor, and—paradoxically—God promised that he would multiply their efforts on the other six days. The tithe is simply a monetary application of that principle, and sleep is a sort of mandated daily sabbath. Each of these is like a pill to take to remind yourself that you are not God; to remind you that you do not bear the strain of providing and taking care of … you! God does! The more we remember that these sabbaths are gifts and privileges, not duties, the more they will lead us to rest in Christ.

What do you think? Do you practice Sabbath rest? How do you do this? Have you ever thought of sleep as a form of sabbath, something to respect for both its physical and spiritual benefits? I’ve started to think about this every night when 10:00 rolls around and I still have a post to write or a mountain of laundry. What are your thoughts?

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Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

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