Adelaide’s Homesewn Bridal Collection


My friend Maria runs the most amazing vintage dress shop on Etsy called Adelaide’s Homesewn and yesterday she announced a new bridal collection.

The Collection is rather stunning and my mind goes crazy imagining the perfect shoes and hair to go with each dress. Both my mom and my sister wore vintage for their wedding and they both looked so elegant and stunning. I love that if you chose to wear vintage for your wedding, no one else would ever have the same dress. 


One thing you should know about Maria is that she spends a lot of time researching, wanting to know the history and the details of each dress she finds. (I’m pretty sure she actually thinks of the dresses as people and sits them down for a little chat when they first meet.) I think this impeccably curated collection speaks volumes to her attention to detail.

Also, this bride is wearing a dress from Adelaide’s Homesewn. Doesn’t she look lovely?

What about you? What was your wedding dress like? Anyone wear vintage? Anyone out there soon to be wed?

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, May 9th, 2013

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