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This month’s AG Book Club selection was Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas, the story of William Wilberforce’s life and quest to abolish the slave trade in English during the 1700-1800s. When I first read this book four years ago, it changed me. It’s hard to express just how captivating and convicting the example of Wilberforce’s life is to those who read this book. In a context where most of us are born to the kind of privilege and wealth that Wilberforce had, but also are a part of a much larger context of great social evils being perpetrated by and in our country, I think every American Christian should read this book, or take a serious look at this man’s life.

There is a moment in the book when—after two decades of resistance—the British Parliament finally abolishes the slave trade and you read how Wilberforce sat down on his bench and wept in the sight of hundreds of his peers. I get teary-eyed again just thinking of it, but as one man said at the time,

The more just reflections will be, that a short period of the short life of one man is, well and wisely directed, sufficient to remedy the miseries of millions for ages.

His life is an astonishing and inspiring testimony to the truth that one person really can change the world.

Here’s my review ::

What about you? What you ever read this book? Know much about Wilberforce? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Posted by Aanna on Friday, June 30th, 2017

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