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This month’s AG Book Club selection was Maus by Art Spiegelman, a graphic novel about one man’s journey through the Holocaust. Set in two time periods—Nazi occupied Poland and 1970s New York City—the story captures the nitty gritty details of both what life was like surviving the Holocaust and what life is like with a Holocaust survivor. The characters are iconically drawn as animals (Jews as mice, Germans as cats), and all the images are in black and white, giving the reader a stark and vivid picture of what it must have felt like to be a Polish Jew.

I say this in my video review, but it just became so startlingly undeniable that the people who went through that awful time were people just like me. Part of me wants to create distance between myself and that much suffering, pretending that people were different than I am or that it wasn’t real. Just moments before typing this post, I saw this photo and was faced all over again with the suffering that happens every day, to women and men and children just like the ones in my family. I’m reminded of this quote by Tim Keller ::

When our lives simply are going along pretty smoothly, without a lot of difficulties, we don’t live in quiet, amazed, thankful consciousness of it.

It makes me want to remember those that are suffering around the world and do what I can to help, while also humbly thanking God when we are not in the midst of such a crisis.

Here’s my review ::

What about you? Did you read Maus? What are your thoughts? How did it affect you? What stuck out to you about the story? What did you think about reading a graphic novel?

P.S. Next month’s book is Wild in the Hollow by Amber Haines, a poetic memoir that will be perfect for quiet summer evenings. Happy reading, my friends. :)

(Photo of Art Spiegelman found here.)

Posted by Aanna on Saturday, May 28th, 2016

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