AG Book Club :: May

Welcome book lovers! This month, as you may remember, we’re doing something different. Instead of a book, we’ll be reading a collection of articles. I had a lot of fun combing through newspapers and looking for something that I thought we’d all find interesting and might spark a lively discussion. I was completely overwhelmed by all of the fascinating ideas and stories out there, and in the end just decided to offer you four totally unrelated articles in the hopes that there’d be something for everyone. Can’t wait to talk about it!

1. Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other

This article attempts to describe how and why we misunderstand each other, and what we can do to fix it. I found this article to be incredibly enlightening, and even while reading it was thinking of all the ways it could help me in my relationships with friends, families and colleagues.

2. Reclaiming the Power of Play

This explores the possibility that “play” is an essential aspect of healthy living. There are times when this article feels tedious and pretentious, but I just kept thinking that I wanted to talk to my friends about it! Also, I especially loved the end when it discusses different types of play (such as TV vs. painting) and how we can choose the most refreshing activities.

3. NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily / NSA program on phone records is illegal, court rules

In 2014, The Guardian and The Washington Post shared a Pulitzer Prize for the work they did to disclose the surveillance that the NSA was conducting on millions of unsuspecting Americans and the secret courts that allowed it to happen. The first article I linked to is the very first article published on this issue back in June of 2013, and the second was published just last week. I believe that this is one of the most unsettling events to take place in the past few years and will become increasingly relevant to US citizens. You may want to do additional digging on this issue, but these two articles contain a lot of the relevant information.

4. Why I Wear The Exact Same Thing To Work Every Day

I hear more and more people talking about wearing uniforms or creating a capsule wardrobe. We have so many decisions to make every day that sometimes spending too much time on deciding what to wear can feel stressful or even stupid. Would you wear the same thing every day?

Ok, so let’s read these articles in the next few weeks. I’m so looking forward to hearing which of these articles you found the most interesting or provocative. Also, are there any newspapers or publications that you read regularly? Any articles that have stuck with you long after you read them?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

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