AG Book Club :: None Like Him

So happy another month of book club is finally here! i’m especially looking forward to discussing this month’s selection—None Like Him—because it’s the ideal book to discuss. Each chapter is a unique topic, the ideas are profound, and everything is personally relevant! In fact, I think that talking about it will be so helpful that it almost feels like I haven’t read it until I’ve discussed it!

One thing I wanted to say about this book before including my review is that there are many different ways to read it. I basically read the whole thing in two sittings during a time of spiritual retreat. Another friend read it as a morning devotional in order to supplement her quiet time. And as I’ve already mentioned, this would be a great discussion book for a small group. At the end of each chapter the author has included Scripture, discussion questions and a prayer prompt to dive even deeper (and more personally) into the topics.

Here is my review of None Like Him by Jen Wilkin ::

What about you? Did you like this book? What did you like about it? How did you read it?

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Posted by Aanna on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

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