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Hello October! I’ve been MIA on the blog these past few weeks because I’m in Memphis for an extended vacation with Logan’s family. It’s been fun to unplug and unwind and enjoy the company of some of our favorite people in the world. Because his family is spread out all over the US, these get-togethers only happen once a year, so it’s been an important and special time for us.

Anyway, September totally passed me by without giving my review of The Night Circus, the AG Book Club selection for September. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book all year and it was fun to get lost in the magical world of illusionists and acrobatic kittens, mysterious shadows and an immortal love. This book has a bit of a cult following (there’s a plethora of fan art on Pinterest!) and now I know what they’re all swooning over. What did you all think? I always look forward to hearing what other people thought of the book and am forever surprised by the interesting perspectives and thoughts you all bring to the table.

October’s book of the month is A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel, a book that explores the impact of technology on our lives. I’m anxious to read this book in order to find some answers to the perplexing issue of when and how/how much to let technology into my life. Not only do I want to know it’s proper place for myself, but I also want to be able to offer some sound and practical advice to Valentine and the small group of middle school girls that I lead. It seems that the influence of technology will only grow in the future, and I’d like to find out what it means to live as a healthy, happy and holy person in the midst of this technologically saturated society. Hope this month’s book is a good read!

(Photo of the amazing tent from Feeling Groovy)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

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