AG Book Club :: Wild in the Hollow

Our June book for the AG Book Club is Wild in the Hollow by Amber Haines. This poetic memoir tells the story of the author’s quest for God, or rather, his quest for her. She talks about coming to God as thought she were coming home. She talks of her own brokenness as a stained glass window, something God can use to create something beautiful. The images and metaphors come straight out of the deep Alabama forests of her childhood, lending the book a wild and dark beauty, so that even when she recounts her suburban lifestyle with a lawyer husband, you can almost hear the drawl on her tongue.

The memoir is beautifully told, with many truths to be found in her flowing, lyrical stories. However, I had a hard time following the train of thought or the myriad of metaphors on every page. Much of this might be personality, but I often found myself struggling to know what she was trying to say. With that said, I look forward to book club when I can hear what everyone else thought. (So far, I’m getting glowing reviews from those texting me. :)

Here’s my video review ::

What did you think of the book? What were your favorite parts? What stuck out to you? Did anything bother you? Don’t you wish you could have been one of the cousins at her Mamaw’s house?

(Top photo by Beth Kirby)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

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