Almost-5-Year-Old Valentine

For awhile, it felt like everything that came out of Valentine’s mouth was quirky or funny, but then those little toddlerisms stopped abruptly. She started sounding so logical and articulate it was heartbreaking. But recently she’s been asking the craziest questions and it’s been so interesting to catch a glimpse into that weird little mind of hers. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Valentine recently ::

Valentine: It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s MY day!
Logan: It’s not your day. You just have the same name as the holiday.
Valentine: Yes, it is, because it’s everyone’s day and so it’s definitely my day, too.
Dear God, I pray for Papa to do the right thing and to have zero forgetting of you.
While listening to Jack Johnson for the first time: This sounds like swimming in the summer.
Me: Can you help us think of names for the baby?
Valentine: I know—Haunted House.
Me: I don’t think that’s a very good name.
Valentine: Ok. If it’s a boy, Jaguar.
Me: What if it’s a girl?
Valentine: Girl Jaguar.
Papa is the greatest boy.
Valentine: Is everything real?
Logan: What do you mean?
Valentine: Is everything real?
Logan: Like, everything you see?
Valentine: Everything you see and everything you think and everything you do. Is everything real?
Logan: Yes.
Valentine: Papa, are you right?
Logan: I don’t know…
Valentine: I don’t like salad. It’s the only thing I don’t like. I also don’t like poop medicine.
Me: What’s poop medicine?
Valentine: Medicine made out of poop.
Valentine: What’s it mean when something is your jam?
Me: Blah…blah…blah…
Valentine: Zooptopia is my jam.
Mom, I want to tell you a secret. Don’t tell anyone except for my friends. And make sure you tell them not to tell anyone except for their friends.

I love this girl! What are some funny or interesting or crazy things your kids or nieces and nephews or little friends are saying these days?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

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