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You’ll have to forgive me because today I’m going to get a little rambly. I sat down to write my post and realized I just wanted to share a little about what life is like lately.

This past week has been wonderful, full of unexpected pleasures and unscheduled pauses. On Monday we had the middle school youth group over to our house again. Logan read a few more chapters of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and then we all ate marmalade rolls fresh from the oven. I loved looking around the living room at the silent kids as they listened, hanging over the backs of our chairs and playing with each other’s hair. It felt like a scene from a different time—a less frenzied, less virtual time. Logan discussed the scenes with them and I heard such thoughtful and sincere comments come out of their mouths. It was delightful.

On Tuesday we went to our friends’ annual 4th of July party, completely with the world’s best brisket and ribs, fried green tomatoes and so many different kinds of salad (macaroni! potato! fruit!). The kids played wiffle ball in the rain and then the sky dried up just in time for hours of fireworks in the dark. Even though no friend group is perfect, I’m so, so thankful for the people God has put in our lives. They are so funny and fun and generous (and none of their kids are annoying, which is a pretty big deal…ha!).

Logan took the day off on Wednesday and so our holiday was extended. We didn’t do anything special, but I had a chance to do lots of last minute baby preparation. I went shopping for all of the unglamorous items you can’t put on your baby registry (Depends, Tucks, stool softener), pre-registered at the hospital where I’ll give birth, went in for a check up with my OB and talked with her about ways to prepare and ready my body for labor, then added a few finishing touches to the nursery corner of our bedroom.

Yesterday I had the rare treat of spending almost the entire day with my dear friends who live in Japan. Logan’s cousin and his wife (one of my best friends from college) planted a church in Osaka, Japan and have been living there for years, so it was amazing to have the chance to catch up, reminisce, and laugh together. We went swimming in the afternoon, then all piled into the kitchen and spent hours cooking up a huge Mexican dinner together, eating outside under a canopy in the sweltering heat. Logan and I didn’t leave until after 1:00 a.m., scooping our sleeping daughter up off the couch and walking out into the moonlight.

It’s hard to imagine that our new baby will be here so soon. I’m only eleven days from her due-date and the time after her arrival is so hazy in my brain. What will it be like? How will Valentine respond? Will labor be awful? Did we pick the right name? How can my life be any more flooded with love than it is right now? Most of me is so focused on these thoughts that it’s hard to make room for anything else. I’m resting, nesting, trying to remember the important things and letting go of all the rest.

Thanks for reading. If you were on my couch, listening to me say all of this, I would now say, “I’m so sorry for talking so much, but if feels good to have a kind listening ear.” :) And then I would ask you how you have been. I’d love to know.

P.S. I almost forgot! Check back on Monday for an update on Darling—lots of exciting things happening!

(Photo by Etienne Pauthenet)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, July 7th, 2017

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