Bathroom Before + After

You know when the doorbell rings when you’re in the middle of putting away from craft supplies, so you lay them down on your desk for a minute? But then you forget to put them away that day…and the next…and the next…until those craft supplies are just a part of the landscape of your home? Until you don’t even notice them anymore? Well, that’s kind of what happened to my guest bathroom.

When we first moved into the house (three years ago!) I absolutely hated the yellowish-brown walls of the bathroom, but it was so far down the priority list of things to redo or decorate that I just stuck a rug on the floor and some black-and-white prints on the wall until something could be done in there. But now that I’m looking at pictures of the bathroom I have this horrible taste in my mouth. Like, THAT’S what my bathroom has looked like all these years???

I mentioned a few months ago that I got $75 from our budget to redo the bathroom. While it would be so fun to actually renovate the space (I see this bathroom in my dreams), it’s perfectly functional and so I knew I would need to work with the existing features of the space: brushed nickel faucets and hardware, black cabinets, white trim, ivory bathtub and a horrible vinyl floor. (The previous owner had installed oil rubbed bronze lighting, towel holder, paper holder and curtain rod in the bathroom, but I sold it on Facebook and bought replacements from Lowe’s in brushed nickel.)

With some paint and one new accessory, here’s what happened ::

While I love painting walls white, the bathroom doesn’t have great natural light and has too many white/ivory/cream elements to look good with white walls. Lately, I have felt so inspired by this color of gray-green and I felt that the color would even out and complement all the various shades of white in the space (as well as not clash with those floors). I settled on the color Light Blue by Farrow and Ball because it had this incredible luminescent quality that makes it appear gray, green or blue depending on the light. Because I decorate with so much blue in my home, I liked that it had a bit of blue in it, even though it’s usually labeled a gray-green.

I spent so much time looking at rugs online and in stores, then bought and returned about five different rugs before finally settling on this runner from Target. It took me awhile to commit because, while I loved the design, the color palette and the quality of the rug (I can vacuum it!), I hated the $50 price tag. In the end, I’m glad I went with it because it makes me happy whenever I see it and it actually still fit within my budget.

Everything else in the bathroom I already owned or I made for the space. It was fun to go through the house and collect little pieces that would freshen up the look of the room. I knew I wanted an earthy, almost 70s vibe, so I found the hanging basket, some handmade ceramics and then painted the eye print for above the toilet (totally ripping off this cool studio). I also designed the little print above the towel holder using lyrics from a beautiful Tow’rs song that I can’t seem to get out of my head these days.

This isn’t usually the way I decorate, but it was fun and challenging to try something new and I really love the finished product!

In the end, I spent $76 ($28 for paint and $48 for the rug), but $1 in the red isn’t so bad. :) Sometimes having a small budget can be discouraging, but it’s pretty amazing how much you can update a space with what you already have!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you could redo any room in your home, which one would it be?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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