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:: After a long week of travel, I’ve decided to continue French Women Week, where all we are talking about is skin care and lingerie, the two things French women spend all their money on ::

We’ve talked about how highly French women value a luminous face, but Asian women are equally zealous for the quality of their skin. Korean women have long touted the qualities of a product called BB Cream, and most Korean celebrities and actresses claim it’s the secret to their beautiful skin. The idea behind BB Cream is this :: to create an all-in-one product that will hydrate, protect, brighten, smooth, and heal your skin. Sound too good to be true? I’m usually pretty skeptical of the promises of cosmetic companies, but it’s hard to argue with hundreds of thousands of women and decades of use in Asia.

BB stands for “beauty balm” and it’s essentially a tinted moisturizer that contains various other ingredients such as SPF, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, mineral pigments (think BareMinerals), soy, and glycerin. Each brand of BB cream is different, although you can almost always count on it being a tinted moisturizer with SPF. To stay true to the French look, you can use BB cream with little else to even out your skin tone and soften imperfections, but it can be used with concealer and foundation as well if you prefer more coverage. 

If used consistently, BB cream can help improve the quality of your skin. It has anti-aging properties, besides the improvement you’ll find from protecting your skin from the sun, and we know full well how good moisture is for the skin. Because using BB cream means using less makeup, this also greatly reduces blemishes and imperfections, which come from pores clogged by makeup and oil.

Summer seems the perfect time to go for a less-is-more look, and honestly, I love that this makeup product is actually good for my skin. I recently started using Olay’s BB Cream, but my friend Stephanie raves about Maybelline’s version, so I want to try it next. 

What about you? Do you use BB Cream? Do you have a favorite brand? Any other “miracle products” out there?

(Photo of Juliette Binoche)

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, June 20th, 2013

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