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The latest room to come within my decorating sites is our master bedroom. Last year I did some work on it, arranging furniture and hanging art until it felt more like a personal space and less like the junk drawer of the house. But there’s still so much more I could do to create a room for Logan and myself that is personal, refreshing and functional. Over the past year I’ve been collecting ideas, pieces of furniture and art, and now I think I’m almost ready to do a little makeover. Here are some bedrooms that I find so inspiring ::

This is one of my favorite bedrooms I have ever seen. I love the mix of cozy textures, the neutral palette and the stacks of books. It seems so thoughtful without being overly decorated. The word I have in my mind when I plan my bedroom is “haven” and this picture captures that idea for me.

I love the arrangement of art and keepsakes on the dresser and think I’d like to do this as opposed to a gallery wall. One of the photos from our mother/daughter shoot will definitely find a place on our dresser, as well as some original typography, and some pretty ceramics to hold my jewelry. Another thing I like about this picture is the way the blonde wood of that dresser pops with the white. Our dresser is a similar color and I’ve never felt good about it until I saw this picture. (And it was a big reason I decided to paint the room white…more on that later…)

This nubby coverlet is just begging to be snuggled and the headboard is a major inspiration for the headboard I finally settled on.

It’s hard to describe exactly why this bedroom appeals to my heart so strongly, but I’m pretty sure it’s the sheer width of that capacious bed.

We have a vintage sofa in our bedroom and I love the way this one has been paired with simple accents that bring out the beautiful of its color and form. I’m planning on using raw wood and plants to accent our room and hope it creates as serene an effect as this room has.

The shape of this room is very similar to ours and it was nice to have an idea of how the white on white would work. I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to paint the walls white. Even though every other room in the house is going white, I’ve noticed that most decorators choose a warm color for bedroom walls. In the end, I just know how happy white makes me, so I think I’m going to stick with my gut. Here’s hoping!

This room just about gave me chills the first time I saw it! There are only about five different things in the entire room, but somehow she has constructed an aesthetic that is modern, minimalist, warm and edgy. How the heck did she do it??? Teach me your ways, oh wise decorating goddess!

Do you have any good ideas for a bedroom? What would you do if you could give your bedroom a makeover? How much time do you spend there? What word would you use to describe your ideal bedroom?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

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