Bedroom Makeover

At the beginning of August, I took a few days to makeover our master bedroom. I’ve been searching my feed for some “before” pictures, but I’m realizing now how much I hated that room because I never took pictures in there. I just wanted those drab putty walls erased from my memory. About a year and a half ago I put some work into it, just making sure that there was a place for everything and that it could be kept clean. We noticed immediately how much more time we spent in our bedroom when it was uncluttered and functional, so I started mentally planning a more thorough redo.

The first thing I did was paint everything white. Just like every time I paint, I agonized over the color, but once I saw the white in the room I felt 100% positive I had made the right decision. It’s just something that makes me happy. So airy and bright. But it also helped out the weird shape of the room, making it feel a bit more spacious and minimizing the starkness of the angled ceiling.

I had a really firm idea of what I wanted to do in the space, and so it only took a few hours to set out all the little odds and ends I’d been collecting and to organize the space. Once it was all up, I did some tweaking and editing, and kind of like when I redid our living room, committed myself only to those things that I loved.

There’s hardly anything up on the walls, but I did set out some sentimental items on the dresser—rocks we’ve collected on special trips, the story Logan wrote to propose to me, a flower Logan picked at the top of a mountain and pressed for me. These things are a constant source of joy.

There’s a little nook in the bedroom that we set up as a sitting area. I know it’s against conventional wisdom, but we love having a TV in our room. We have people stay with us fairly often, and it’s nice to have a private area we can always retreat to. Also, Logan is a night owl, but likes to be near me, so he can sit there and work or read even when I’m sleeping without it bothering me. We use this space all the time, even though we have a roomier, more comfortable TV room downstairs. I think there’s something about the intimacy of the bedroom that draws our family to spend time together here.

I had actually purchased a headboard for the bed, and had it up for several weeks before I finally decided it wasn’t right for the space. Even though I love the headboard, something about pairing it with the wooden tables and the linen lampshades was screaming Pottery Barn, as opposed to the bohemian vibe I was going for. I might eventually install some art above the bed, but for now I don’t mind the simplicity of it. So even though I don’t have a dream headboard and there’s tons of ugly carpet, I’m feeling so much better about our room and now it’s fun to keep it tidy and spend time in it.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this makeover has been Logan’s response to it. One day he brought two of his friends upstairs and said, “I want to show you my favorite room in the house.” We both care a lot about design and it’s been a long road to figuring out a style that we both love, so his commendation was the best reward I could’ve hoped for.

Posted by Aanna on Friday, September 9th, 2016

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