Broken Expectations

A couple days ago I wrote this Instagram caption ::

I find it really difficult to handle broken expectations. My immediate emotions are often frustration, anger, a savage discontent. Sometimes, I discard the good that I have - reality - for that which I wish I had (or think I deserve). God is shining light on the virtues of acceptance, flexibility, and a vulnerable trust in him.

This was a confession more than anything. It’s long been a struggle, but only recently have I actually come to believe that my response to broken expectations {my temper tantrums when I don’t get my way} are wrong and have devastating effects both on my heart and on my relationships. I had thought that I was unique in this, that my personality and sin issues made me particularly susceptible. But since mentioning it, I’ve had many women say that they struggle with this as well.

I thought we could talk about it a little here. Maybe offer each other encouragement, warnings, and advice. Here are some questions we could answer together ::

  • In what arena do your broken expectations usually occur? Finances, career, marriage, family, faith?
  • What is your normal response to a broken expectation? What emotions do you feel? What are the fears that manifest in your heart?
  • What has God taught you about dealing with the disappointments of life? How has he led you through broken dreams, shattered expectations, unwanted suffering? Is there Scripture that has been helpful to you?
  • Any good books on the topic? Any sermons? Any one person who has good insight into this issue?

Please share if this at all hits home for you. I’d like to begin the discussion of how to healthfully handle broken expectations. I’d like to find out what God has to say to us about this. I’d like to find healing and holiness in this area. Let’s help each other!

(Photo by Eden Greer)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, April 10th, 2015

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