Cafe Eclectic

Cafe Eclectic is a favorite breakfast spot of Logan’s family, but of all the times we’ve visited Memphis, Logan and I had never been. This past week the entire crew rolled out of bed and caravanned to the sprawling coffee shop and bakery, rubbing our eyes and feeling our stomachs rumble. 

They set us up on one long table in the back room, surrounded by bags of flour and retired industrial ovens. It felt cozy shoved in the back like we were, like we could be ourselves and not worry when one of the kids sent a biscuit flying. 

It is so pretty and unkempt, like a cottage kitchen. Like at any moment you’d hear a cow mooing out back.

They have the most delightful coffee menu and I had so much trouble choosing my drink. Logan can almost always pick out the item that I’ll order off any menu, but here, everything seemed to have my name on it. In the end, I just ordered a plain ol’ mocha. And it was the best mocha I ever had.

Logan ordered a Bay of Pigs, which was a Cubano with a touch of honey. Rachel always makes Cubanos (an espresso brewed with a pinch of raw sugar), and they are our absolute favorite. I definitely stole a sip from Logan’s.

They use Illy coffee exclusively, which always reminds me of coffee in other countries. It seems to be much more popular in other areas of the world, but every once in awhile you can find it in the States. On the menu they mentioned that Illy was recently recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies. So cool!

Not to be outdone by the coffee, the food was creative and full of flavor. Here is Suz’s smoked salmon and  Rachel’s roasted potatoes. 

Per the recommendation of the server, Logan ordered the chicken and waffles. I’ll admit, I scoffed when I saw the colorless plate arrive, but just one bite won me over. Both the chicken and the waffles were warm and flavorful on the inside, crispy on the outside, and the maple syrup drizzled over everything was so good it was hard to feel bad about how terribly unhealthy it all was. :)

Rachel shared her potatoes with Valentine, who then kindly (and with a hilarious expression) shared them with me.

I love being apart of this sensible, sensitive family. And it’s so fun watching it bloom and grow as the years go by.

As all of us headed out the door, I happened upon this spontaneous embrace between Logan’s brother and mother. So sweet! 

It was such a fun morning, all of us sipping our yummy coffee and talking leisurely around that big table. I’m so glad to be in on the tradition now and can’t wait to come back.

What about you? Do you have a favorite breakfast destination? Any fun traditions when your extended family gets together? Would you have ordered the chicken and waffles???

Posted by Aanna on Friday, August 9th, 2013

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