Christmas Reading

The holidays are upon us! Today I shipped off a stack of Christmas cards (better late than never, eh?) and then Logan, V and I drove through pretty Joplin neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights while sipping hot chocolate and listening to festive jazz music. I’m totally in the mood for Christmas now. :)

Things are usually so busy up until Christmas, but once the food is made and consumed, and the presents are unwrapped, there can be a lot of quiet, lazy downtime. My sister Abi had the fabulous idea of choosing a fun book to read over Christmas week. I love Abi’s idea so much I decided to pick a book of my own. (I actually picked three books, trying to give myself more of a chance to actually get into at least one of them. Ha!)

What about you? What are you going to be doing this week? Lots of cooking? Lots of hanging out? Do you have several different Christmas celebrations with family? Would you have time to read a book this week? If so, what would you pick?

(Picture of Paul Newman reading)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, December 23rd, 2013

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