Comfortable, Classic Baby Styles

A few weeks ago, someone asked me, “If you could turn any activity into an Olympic event, what would you medal in?” I only had to think for a moment or two before replying, “Snuggling on the couch.” :)

Comfort has almost meant a great deal to me, and when I had Valentine, I had an aversion to anything that caused her discomfort. (I even yelled at the poor nurse who had to draw Valentine’s blood shortly after she was born!) This time around, I’m doubling down on soft, loose and functional baby clothes. Here are some classic, comfortable styles ::

Kimono Shirts and Sleepers

There’s nothing more terrifying that trying to get a wobbly newborn head through the hole of a onesie, so I always opted for kimono style shirts and sleepers that would easily wrap around her fragile body. It was easy to dress her while also keeping her neck supported the entire time.

Loose Pants and Leggings

For the same reason I reach for yoga pants every night, I found myself reaching for loose cotton pants and leggings for Valentine. I hate jeans on babies because they’re so restrictive and bulky, but thin cotton pants enabled her to kick her little legs as much as she wanted!

Sweet’n’swag Moxfords

I was smitten when I first saw these precious shoes on Courtney’s girls, both because of the clever styling and their comfortable soft soles. I have liked the moccasin trend because it seemed like such a comfortable alternative to shoes, but the style of a classic oxford was too much to resist. I immediately reached out to Sweet’n’swag and they generously sent me a pair for our little baby girl. Holding those little size 0 shoes in my hand makes my heart just burst with longing! (Also, these handmade shoes are only $22, a fraction of the price of most moccasins.)

What about you? What baby clothes did you find to be the most comfortable for your child? What kinds of baby clothes do you gravitate toward? Are they the same kinds of clothes you like to wear yourself?

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

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