Creating Your Own Book List

Hi friends! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and excitement about the 2017 Book List. I think we’re in for another good year of book club. :)

As I was creating the book list for this year, there were two things that keep running through my head. One, no matter how hard I try to pick books that I think everyone will like, in the end I really just chose the books I wanted to read. I just couldn’t help it! Two, as I looked back over the year, I counted up well over twenty-five books that I read in 2016. That’s more than twice the amount on our book club list!

It got me thinking that along with the book club list, I should also make a personal book list for the year, knowing that there will probably be 10-15 more books I’ll be able to read. And I wanted to encourage you all to do the same, knowing that there are most definitely books you really want to read this year that didn’t end up on the book club list. If you’re interested, I’m listing some of the books that I’m putting on my own personal reading list, as well as some other suggestions for your own ::

My List

Other Suggestions

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m reading a book, I can get into a groove and it’s easy to find time to read. But if I finish that book and don’t immediately pick up another one, I fall out of a rhythm of reading. I think a book list will really help me because as soon as I finish one book, I’ll know exactly which one I’m going to pick up next and won’t waste time deciding on a new book…

What about you? What books are on your list this year? Do you make a book list? When do you find time to read?

P.S. The 2015 and 2016 book lists, and how to read more books.

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

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