Darling FAQs

Darling has been out for a little over two weeks now, and I thought I’d do a little FAQ here on the blog to answer some of the questions that people ask most often ::

Would this book be appropriate for my middle school or high school aged daughter/friend/sister?

No. I wrote this book for adult women so the content is mature and sometimes explicit. However, the first part—SINGLE DARLINGS—is intended for any woman, regardless of her relationships status. That means it’s filled with a biblical understanding of sexuality, accurate information about anatomy, and practical tips for self care. I think this part could be a wonderful resource for a mother or youth leader who wants to have some conversations with a teenager about sexuality. You could perhaps even give the book to a teenager, clearly marking the chapters you’d like her to read, and then get together to talk about any questions she has.

I am not a virgin. Will this book still be helpful or applicable to me?

Yes. One of the most important ideas I want to communicate through this book is that we relate to God not based on our behavior, but based on his grace and love for us. That means that you can approach God, learn his will and begin to live life in obedience to him whether you’re a virgin or not a virgin, married or single, with or without children. In fact, Darling will give you a glimpse of the beauty and joy to be had when you find your identity in being loved by God instead of finding your identity in some aspect of your sexuality.

Can I buy the book on Kindle?

No. Darling has not yet been released as an ebook, but we are working on it and will hopefully launch the Kindle version soon!

What’s the best way to buy Darling?

Amazon. This is the simplest (and often cheapest) way to get the book. However, if you’re local, you can buy the book directly from me and save on shipping.

Do you have any other questions I can answer for you? Have you had any trouble with purchasing or shipping that I can help you with? Please let me know!

Posted by Aanna on Monday, December 4th, 2017

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