How To Simplify Your Style

I had an interesting experience recently when I painted and rearranged our living room. As I started the project, I knew exactly what I wanted. One upside to many moves is that you get to reinvent your style each time, and coupled with hours (days?) spent on Pinterest, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted our living room to look and feel like.

But once it was all completed I stood back and felt a knot in my stomach. There was something about it that looked too slick, too exact, too Pinteresty. I didn’t like it.

I rearranged things. Rearranged things again. But then it hit me. I shouldn’t decorate with things that look cool or current or whatever. I should decorate with things I love. So I took down just about everything on the walls, took out all the pillows, and just added back the things that have sentimental value or things that I find incredibly beautiful. It made a world of difference.

But one of the most interesting things about the whole experience was not that I wasn’t decorating with the things I loved, it was that they were all already there, but just surrounded and crowded out by a bunch of other stuff. Once I removed all the extras (things that were there just because it seemed like they should be), the things I loved were able to take center stage. Now when I look around my room, I feel surrounded not by a decorated living room, but by my life.

There are several great people writing on minimalist style, but two of my favorites are Reading My Tea Leaves (she lives in a 173 square foot apartment!) and Un-Fancy (famous for her capsule wardrobes). They have great tips for living simply and with contentment.

For me, being surrounded by things I love means simplifying, but I know that for others, it means surrounding yourself with lots and lots of things you love. :) Which are you, a minimalist or a maximalist? How do you decorate to represent your life and personality?

(Top photo via Cup of Jo)

Posted by Aanna on Friday, March 11th, 2016

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