DIY Sugar Scrub

:: This is French Women Week, and the only thing we’re talking about is skin care and lingerie, the two things French women spend all their money on ::

Besides becoming a religious moisturizer, my mother had one other piece of advice for having great skin. She said that she exfoliates a couple times a week (both face and body) to keep her skin cells regenerating and feeling as smooth as a baby’s cheeks. Although she’s done this many different ways, right now she uses a homemade sugar scrub that she loves.

When I asked her how to make it, she called for my fifteen-year-old sister Eden, who makes up a batch once every couple weeks. This was Eden’s recipe ::

Fill the bottom of your container with sugar. Cover the sugar with honey. Squeeze fresh lime onto it until it looks about right. Mix.

Humph. Try as I might, this was all I could get out of the girl. But I guess it works. :)

My mom keeps the scrub in a pretty glass jar in the shower where she can rub it all over her body, face, and lips. She said it’s important to moisturize as soon as you’re done showering (even before you dry off) to create a moisture barrier for your new, glowing skin.

Wouldn’t this be a lovely way to store the scrub on your bathroom counter? Also, here is another (more controversial) way to exfoliate your skin.

What about you? Do you use homemade scrubs? Any recipes you love? What are some other good ways to exfoliate?

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Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

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