Do or Don't? :: Dusters

One trend that I’ve been eyeing with interest is the duster. There are several different variations, but the idea is essentially an ankle-length piece that opens down the front. I think the reason it’s so interesting to me is that it feels like women get really creative in pulling off this trend, using whatever they find in their closet ::


I love this look because it’s so basic and relaxed, yet still really interesting and fresh. Almost everyone has a shirtdress of some kind in their closet, so just unbutton it and wear it over a pair of jeans and a tee. A whole new look!


This is really more of a piece of art than a robe and the effect is spectacular. Again, it’s paired with basics—in this case, jeans and some heels—but it’s more eye-catching than an evening gown.


This silky tunic (worn over another silk shirt!) makes it look like a blazer, which is a great spin on a work outfit.


Oh my. I think it’s funny that I like this pretty, bohemian look so much because I probably wouldn’t ever wear it. It seems like the kind of thing that you can only pull off if you’re ever actually been to Coachella. But I’d feel like such a beatnik if I wore this while making Valentine’s bowl of Honey Nut Cheeriors and sweeping up dog hair in the morning. :)


You’ve gotta be seriously cool to pull this off. Like, how much confidence do you have to have to take your jacket, wear it backward and make it look like a beautiful artist smock instead of a middle school boy trying to be funny? It’s fabulous.

Like I mentioned before, I really like this trend because it feels like the kind of thing that’s being propelled more by women getting creative with their closets and less by the fashion industry trying to invent something new we have to buy. What about you? Do you own a duster? Have you turned something in your closet into a duster? Do you like the look? What’s one of your favorite new fall trends?

Posted by Aanna on Friday, October 7th, 2016

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