Do or Don't? :: Flare Jeans

To be honest, I’m not very open-minded when it comes to not-skinny jeans. As a short woman, I heaved a huge sigh of relief when wide-leg and flare jeans left the scene. However, recently I’ve noticed that flare jeans are making a comeback and it’s wetting my appetite for something new…

Madewell recently released this flattering pair of flare jeans. I think the key is a fitted waist and thigh that gradually widens starting above the knee. Also, they must be high-waisted.

This model is putting the spotlight on her jeans, which does wonders for her boyish figure. For those of you without curves, flare jeans will work magic!

I love the jeans paired with a chunky knit and some high heels. In fact, I noticed that every single outfit has the woman in heels, helping to elongate the leg and keeping them from getting swallowed up in the flare.

This may be my favorite outfit, so easy and chi with that breezy button-down. I actually have a pair of flare-jeans that I’ve kept since college. They were just one of those jeans that looked fabulous on everyone (my friends and I would pass them around in the dorms for date nights) and I could never bear to part with them. Maybe now is the time to break them out again!

What about you? What are you feelings towards not-skinny jeans? Are you happy to bring them back? Still own a pair? What are your thoughts?

(Top photo via Elle)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

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