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My mother wore her bathrobe every morning of my childhood and I can still see her in my mind’s eye, flipping pancakes with one hand in her housecoat pocket. And my grandmother would sip coffee at the breakfast table while it was still dark in the morning, wrapped in her bathrobe. But I basically never wear my bathrobe. It might be because I’d rather throw on a hoodie than a robe, or it might be because my pajamas are more of athletic wear than a nightgown and so I don’t feel like I need to cover up when I leave my bedroom in the morning. But I’ve been rethinking my sweatpants and tshirt pajama ensemble in favor of something more feminine, which in turn made me wonder if I wanted to continue the traditions of the women in my family and spend my mornings wrapped in a lovely robe. 

Here are some that I love ::

These floral robes by Garnet Hill are so sweet and casual. Also, they wouldn’t be too thick for the summer months or too skimpy on chilly winter mornings.

I’m dying to get into this fleece bathrobe. It looks so insanely soft and warm and cuddly. Also, the cut is still flattering, which is a must for a bathrobe. They can get frumpy so quickly! (This item is out of stock, but you can find a similar robe here.)

I’m in love with the Turkish cotton bathrobes on Loovee’s Etsy shop. The stripes and colors are chic, they’re long enough to supply some extra coverage, and you could go straight from a soak in the tub to your robe. I mean, who needs a towel? 

But surely every woman needs a robe like this, something traditional and silky and over-the-top womanly. 

What do you think? Are bathrobes superfluous or appropriate? Gorgeous or matronly? Do you ever wear one? Which would you choose?

(Top image from Hotel Chevalier)

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

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