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Happy Monday, friends! I’ve really missed not blogging as regularly as usual, but life seems to be passed the rapids of May and on to the slower waters of June, so hopefully I can write more! I’m continually dreaming of things I’d like to do with the house (although it feels just perfect anyway :) and there’s one thing I can’t get out of my head…black walls. This seems a little funny to me, since my other favorite thing is white walls, which is, like, the opposite, but I just keep gravitating back toward the idea. Anyway, I thought I’d run some of my ideas by you wise souls and see what you thought ::

Our dining room has a chair rail and I would love to paint the bottom half white and then the top half this deep charcoal from House Tweaking. It seems so stunning without being jarring. I also think it would be a lovely way to set off the pine dining table. 

Our bedroom is located upstairs and has a sloping ceiling very similar to this. I love how they created a headboard effect by painting the low wall black and the rest of the room white. This is almost exactly the way we have our furniture laid out as well, so it’s really easy for me to picture this in our master bedroom. It also always strikes me as a good idea to go with whatever decorating notion I have that’s even slightly masculine, so just Logan can feel at home.

A Beautiful Mess recently painted their office black and this picture really captures the richness that a black wall can take on. (And it doesn’t feel overpowering with all those white details.) What luxe inky loveliness!

What about you? What’s your reaction to these black walls? Do? Don’t? Have you ever chose a daring color for an accent wall in your house? What did you think? Did you tire of it quickly or were you happy you took the risk?

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 2nd, 2014

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