Do or Don't? :: Multiple Ear Piercings

It hardly seems that long ago that we were all getting second piercings or getting our cartilage pierced, but I sense a resurgence of the multiple piercings trend and I kind of dig it. It’s especially beautiful when the jewelry is delicate and the piercings are in unexpected places, don’t you think? 

This is just so interesting, and I love the gradient sizes. And what a great choice to leave the rest of her ear bare! (via)

I love the idea of fastidiously curating your earring groupings. These four earrings look so amazing together…who would’ve thought? (via)

This is the illustrious ear of none other than Caroline Ventura, maker and founder of BRVTVS, a jewelry line that somehow manages to be both minimalist and epic. Can you even stand how great that weird little chain thing is??? (via)

What about you? Is the multiple piercings too 90s? Or do you love it? Do you have multiple piercings? What about your nose or your eyebrow? Would you get more piercings now or are you totally uninterested in renewing the fad? (Truthfully, I’m secretly afraid that it will get infected and damage my brain. Eek!)

(Top image via Pinterest)

Posted by Aanna on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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