Do or Don't? :: Showing your bra strap

:: This is French Women Week, and the only thing we’re talking about is skin care and lingerie, the two things French women spend all their money on ::

The bra strap, once kept securely under wraps, is making its appearance more and more. These days it’s no longer considered a fashion faux pas if your bra peeks out from beneath your tank top. In fact, it’s encouraged! I recently received an ad in my inbox for a bra whose whole purpose was to be used as another layer of your outfit ensemble. 

Although I still find a visible bra strap a bit irritating (there’s just something so clean and classy about an outfit that doesn’t have any underwear lines), and this new rule can be taken to the extreme, I’m wondering if it’s actually kind of practical to layer a couple of different straps without the extra bulk of a whole cami?

What’s you’re opinion? Tacky or feminine? Immodest or practical? I’m interested in hearing your respectful, kind responses… :)

(Photo via ExPress-O)

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

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