Do or Don't? :: Sweats

I’ve seen lots of dressed up sweat pants on the interwebs lately (I still haven’t spotted any in Joplin :) and I’ve been dying to ask you all what you think! It’s such a stark juxtaposition and I just can’t get my dad’s voice out of my head saying that one should never leave the house in sweats. On the flip side, these outfits are both cool and comfy, which seems like the perfect outfit (or is that just me?).

I like the blue in this pair, and the blazer really finishes the outfit. Also, it seems like heels are a prerequisite if you’re going for the dressed-up look.

Zippers on sweats? Madewell, you are crazy…

This is probably my favorite, despite “Nike” emblazoned on the leg. I think it’s the length of the inseam and that rad cuff that make this pair so special. And even though sweats are notoriously unflattering, these don’t seem so bad.

I think this pair is amazing, but if I owned them I’m afraid I’d never leave the house! Every date night, I’d be like, “But wouldn’t it be nice to stay innnnnn tonight?” (And honestly, I wouldn’t get a moment’s hesitation from Logan! Ha!)

So what do you think? Do or don’t? And even if you like the outfits in these pictures, would you ever actually wear them (dressed up) yourself? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Amazing sweats for dudes.

P.S.S. Wearing sweats on a date!

(Top image via The Chic Department)

Posted by Aanna on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

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