Do you wear blush?

My friends in college and I had a theory that every woman has one beauty product she won’t leave the house without. For example, one friend would never walk out the door without bright red lipstick. Another friend was careful to always apply a flawless layer of foundation. Some girls always have chapstick in their pockets. Personally, I didn’t feel dressed without a couple coats of mascara. However, recently my makeup item of choice has changed…

Last year, I was in my friend Nina’s wedding and one of the other bridesmaids was a hair stylist. She did my hair and makeup and as a last flourish, dusted peachy blush all over my cheeks. I’d never worn blush before in my life, but when I looked in the mirror, I was glowing.

My sister-in-law Rachel once said that she never thought much of a “youthful glow” until she didn’t have it anymore. :) She thinks blush instantly adds a look of vitality and natural beauty, and I couldn’t agree more. 

During the winter, I brush bronzer on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. I love the warmth it adds to my face during those long months of pale skies and pale skin. During the spring and summer, I like something brighter and pinker. Right now, I just use my finger to dab some of my coral lipstick onto my cheeks and blend it in. I like this because it’s so low maintenance — I just need a tube of lipstick and my finger, plus I know my blush and lipstick will match!

Tip :: They say that when applying blush, smile at yourself in the mirror and brush or smooth the blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Ta da! Look at that beautiful, youthful glow. :)

What about you? Do you use blush? What kind do you use? Any tips?

(Photo via Become Gorgeous)

Posted by Aanna on Thursday, May 16th, 2013

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