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Hi friends! I’m going to put the Extra Virgin posts on hold for the month of December. However, once I resume in January, I’ll start a new series that has been brewing in my head for awhile now. I think it’s time we addressed the question, “Why doesn’t God want us to have sex outside of marriage?” Even though a lot of us may believe this to be true, and may even be teaching it to others, sometimes we get a little shaky when the premise is questioned. And while it’s always helpful to know what Scripture has to say on the matter, we all know that that’s not enough. 

“We must do more than invoke the will of God if we wish to recover a viable Christian sexual morality…Even if God’s will is obvious, it cannot provide a rationale for any moral code until we are able to say, clearly and simply, how God’s command speaks to us, how and why it addresses us not only as a demand but as good news.” -Thomas E. Breidenthal

When I first began my study into the topic of sex two years ago, I honestly wondered how my views of God and sex would change. Why don’t we have sex outside of marriage? Is it a rule made only to prove our love for God? Is there an actual reason? Do people who have many sexual partners become better at sex than monogamous couples? What’s the path to true sexual fulfillment?

I’m so excited to dive into this topic with you. My regular posts will continue as normal, but I hope you’ll be sure to check in this January for more about God and pre-marital sex.

Love, Aanna

(Photo via Devon Rachel; quote via Real Sex by Lauren F. Winner)

Posted by Aanna on Monday, December 8th, 2014

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