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Several months ago I read this great article about a different approach to sexual education in the church. The main point was this ::

Your desire for sex really is a desire for deep connection with God and people. You do not have to wait until marriage to experience and enjoy intimacy. It is available for you here and now in your relationship with Christ and through vibrant friendships. Perhaps sex will be one of many ways that you enjoy intimacy at some point in your life. However, sex is only one way. Better options exist before and even after marriage.

I absolutely love this kind of holistic approach to sexuality, understanding that the true purpose of sexuality is intimacy, and then placing sexuality within the larger context of all the forms of intimacy that God has bestowed upon us.

With that in mind, here at Extra Virgin, I’m going to expand the conversation to include ways that we can experience better intimacy in all our relationships. In order to have a healthy and godly sense of sexuality, we should be asking questions like, “How can I grow in my intimacy with God? With other believers in the Church? With friends? With men? With my family?”

While I’m not trying to say that our relationship with God or other people is sexual, I am trying to say that it’s impossible to have a healthy view of sexuality if we don’t understand it’s proper place in our lives—smack dab in the middle of all our other relationships.

What about you? Have you ever felt that people make it seem like sex is the only source of true intimacy? Has singleness felt lonely or isolating? What are some ways that you have experienced true intimacy with another person in an entirely nonsexual context? Has intimacy with God ever provided you with a sense of satisfaction and peace? I’d love to hear your thoughts or any stories you might have on the subject.

Photo by Marta Pawlik

Posted by Aanna on Monday, August 17th, 2015

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