Extra Virgin :: Birth Control Survey Results

Last week I published a survey asking you a few questions about your birth control usage. Here are the results, along with a few observations ::

I was interested to find out that according to the results of the study, condoms and The Pill are tied for the most used birth control option. Without presuming to know exactly why there’s such widespread usage of both, I wondered if it had to do with some kind of combination of being both convenient and cheap? For example, FAM is very cheap, but it’s a bit complicated. An IUD is very convenient, but the initial cost isn’t cheap. Condoms and The Pill are both relatively cheap and convenient.

Honestly, in retrospect I think this question is kind of lame. :) But I wondered if women try many different forms of birth control in order to find the perfect one or if most people stick to one or two different options that they’re most comfortable with? Turns out it’s the latter!

How cool that over half of participants are “very satisfied” with their birth control options! I did a little more digging into the results of this question and found that while most people are satisfied with their birth control of choice, both women who have an IUD and women who use FAM were unanimously “very satisfied” with their system. (You’re probably not surprised to find that condom users had the most varied feelings about their choice.)

What about you? Any observations about the survey? Anything you’d like to add to the conversation? What has been helpful to you when trying to decide what kind of birth control to use?

Posted by Aanna on Monday, October 16th, 2017

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