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Have you been reading all the articles about granny panties? (Who would’ve ever thought this topic would grace the pages of The New York Times?!) Basically, there’s a growing number of young women who are frustrated by the shortage of full-coverage undies and some of them are doing something about it. New product lines from Me and You and Hello Beautiful are bringing granny panties to youth culture.

I was actually surprised to learn that so many women would rather wear full-coverage underwear. I genuinely feel comfortable in bikinis (thongs are a different story), and I don’t own enough high-waisted jeans to invest in high-waisted panties. However, to each her own! Other women feel differently and I would hope that they had as many options as I do when they go to the store to refresh their lingerie drawer.

But this is what I found particularly interesting in the article ::

When Greer Simpkins, 28, began doing research for her own lingerie line, she visited a Victoria’s Secret store in New York to observe how women shopped for underwear.

“I noticed that a lot of women would come in with a friend, and they’d be asking: ‘Do you like this? Do you think he will like it?’ ” said Ms. Simpkins, who previously worked as a counselor to young girls at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Belmont, Mass. “They’d be thinking about everyone else but themselves,” an attitude she thought the store encouraged. She was also frustrated with how many trends, colors and frills the lingerie industry pushed each season.

Even though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying underwear with your husband in mind, don’t you think that most women have blown this wildly out of proportion? So many of us buy bras and panties that we, at least subconsciously, want to be seen. Even if you’re married, this is kind of ridiculous. It’s your underwear. Plus, it’s your underwear. Greer Simpkins wanted to create a panty for women that was “something basic for every day that will make them look and feel good.” That seems like a pretty good rule of thumb for underwear, don’t you think?

What are your priorities when buying underwear? Beauty? Comfort? Attractiveness? Do you ever find yourself wondering if _____ would like it? Do you wear granny panties? Would you if you could find them? Anyone want to defend the wearing of thongs? :) Let’s talk!

P.S. Two weeks ago, I promised we would talk about what to do with your sexual feelings when you’re a single/dating woman. However, I realized that I’d already written that post back in November. :) You can read about godly sexuality as a single woman here. Let me know your thoughts!

Posted by Aanna on Monday, June 1st, 2015

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