Extra Virgin :: Have you ever wondered?

Question :: I wonder about pubic hair. What do people do with that mess?

There is a wide range of opinion and practice when it comes to dealing with the hair on your vaginal area. Most of it is a matter of taste and opinion, so here are your options ::


Buy a pair of those little kid scissors in the school supplies section. They’re small, easy to maneuver, and aren’t too sharp. Cut your pubic hair down as short as you comfortably can with a pair of these scissors. I recommend trimming your hair while sitting on the toilet, because this will be the most convenient position with which to see your vaginal area and you can just flush all the hair down the toilet when you’re done. If some of your hair grows outside your bikini zone (if you can see it even when you’re wearing underwear), take some shaving cream and a razor and shave that section completely off.

This is the practice that my gynecologist recommends. She states that it will discourage infection and promote cleanliness if nothing can cling to your pubic hair.


My friend has written an incredible step-by-step instruction for those of you wanting to shave everything ::

“I had a lot of trouble figuring out the best way to shave [my vaginal area] without severely irritating my skin. This seems to work the best: Trim your pubic hair, with scissors, as short as you possibly can. Soak your skin in warm/hot water for at least five minutes. I do this when I take showers or baths. After about five minutes, lather up some nice shaving cream or soap (shaving cream is best but soap will work). Let the soap or shaving cream set on your skin for about 1-2 minutes. Then, slowly and softly, shave upward on your skin. I try to use nice razors, not the real cheap ones, if possible.

After you have shaved, wash off the remaining soap or shaving cream. Dry off your skin with a towel and then apply baby powder. Baby powder seems to help me even better than lotion. If you have terrible problems with your skin and shaving creates severe irritation no matter what, than I would stop shaving but try to keep your hair as short as possible.”

I would also add that if you choose to shave everything, you’ll want to stay consistent. In fact, never go more than 2-3 days without shaving. There are two reasons for this. One, as your hair grows out, it gets incredibly itchy. It’s basically torture. Two, the more you shave, the easier and faster it is. Before long, you’ll be able to shave yourself in only a minute or two.


If you wish to wax your bikini area or even your entire vaginal area (called a Brazilian), I recommend going to a professional. There are a plethora of reasons why this process should not be attempted at home.


Even though my doctor does not recommend this, I have to add it for a number of reasons. One, it’s possible to keep your pubic hair clean even if it is long. Second, it’s become so trendy to completely remove the hair from the vaginal area that a friend of mine recently told me all of her teenage daughter’s friends shave their vulvas! Even though each woman has every right to do what she wants with her pubic hair, I don’t think any woman should ever be expected to completely shave or wax her hair. A woman’s body is meant to have pubic hair and I would hate to get to the place in our culture where pubic hair is considered unfeminine or not “sexy”. Embrace the body God gave you.

Posted by Aanna on Monday, February 23rd, 2015

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